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Soiund Conversations

Sound Conversations

Join the conversation with host Jeff Renner, an Emmy-award-winning producer of science documentaries, as we delve into the journalistic efforts that bring forth critical environmental stories. These great local writers, with their hard work and skilled storytelling, share with us the discovery and exploration of fascinating animals, places and forces of nature.

A reception with light refreshments will precede each program.

Tickets: $10 each advance/$8 Aquarium members
$15 day of event

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Jeff Renner

March 2: Lynda Mapes, Rescuing Rialto: Conservation and Compassion

A look at the extraordinary rescue of Rialto the sea otter, and how the Seattle Times teamed up with the Seattle Aquarium to tell a story of conservation and compassion as the Aquarium rehabilitated a stranded sea otter pup from Rialto Beach, nursed it back to health with 24/7 expert care, and moved the animal to its permanent home in Vancouver, B.C.

Learn about why the Seattle Times decided to “go big” on this story, the extraordinary partnership with the Aquarium, and the importance of working together to tell stories of compassion and conservation in what can be discouraging times—and the challenges facing such efforts in the future.

Lynda Mapes

April 6: Jonathan White, TIDES: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean

Journey around the globe with writer, sailor and surfer Jonathan White to discover the science and spirit of ocean tides. From shimmying under the ice in the Arctic to hunt for mussels, to investigating the growth of tidal power generation in Chile and Scotland, this story of adventure travel combined with provocative scientific inquiry leads us to the exploration of the force that keeps our planet’s waters in constant motion, and how it affects us—often in surprising and unexpected ways.

Jonathan White

May 17: Michael Werner, The Making of Mystery Sharks, a KCTS 9 Wildlife Detectives Documentary

Explore the science and lore of one of the ocean's largest and most mysterious predators, the sixgill shark. Usually it swims the world’s ocean at abysmal depths, but here in Puget Sound divers can interact with it in relatively shallow water. Michael Werner, five-time Emmy-award-winning filmmaker and journalist, and researchers from the Seattle Aquarium will take you beneath the surface to discover this seldom-seen giant, to learn its story and to understand the challenges facing the massive sharks…and what it means for our region.


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Michael Werner