Aquarium Events

Ocean Career Day

Where: Seattle Aquarium

When: February 7, 9am-2pm

Come explore ocean-related careers at the Seattle Aquarium! Discuss career opportunities with biologists, researchers and educators. Attend special presentations by marine science professionals. And learn about schools and volunteer internship opportunities. MORE >

Ocean Career Day at the Seattle Aquarium
Octopus Week at the Seattle Aquarium

Octopus Week

Where: Seattle Aquarium

When: February 14-22, 2015

Join us to learn about one of the coolest creatures in Puget Sound, the giant Pacific octopus. Each day will feature hands-on activities for kids, octopus feedings and talks. A few highlights: Saturday, February 14 starting at 12pm: Octopus blind date and February 16, 20 & 21 at 12pm: Divers swim with an octopus in the Window on Washington Waters exhibit. MORE >

Seattle Aquarium Sea Otter Conservation Workshop IX

Where: Seattle Aquarium

When: Workshop schedule varies, March 27-29, 2015

Join the Seattle Aquarium for the largest meeting of sea otter biologists in the world at our Sea Otter Conservation Workshop. The event will feature over 50 talks, including discussions on wild sea otter biology, ecology, husbandry and conservation presented by biologists at the federal, state and nonprofit level; and updates on sea otters and facility husbandry and research from every U.S. institution that keeps sea otters. This international conference, the ninth since the Seattle Aquarium began hosting them biennially in 1999, will be attended by delegates from the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia and Japan. MORE >

Sea Otter Conservation Workshop