Aquarium Events

Evening beach walks

Where: Constellation Park/South Alki Beach

When: January 22, 8:30–10:30pm; and February 6, 8:30–10:15pm

Explore the beach during winter nighttime low tides with Beach Naturalist staff and volunteers. Discover what creatures we see on the beach at this time of year. Dress for the weather (bundle up!) and for tide pooling: boots, hats, gloves and a good flashlight are musts. MORE>

Nighttime Low Tide Beach Walks

Octopus Week

Where: Seattle Aquarium

When: February 13-21, 2016

Join us to learn about one of the coolest creatures in Puget Sound, the giant Pacific octopus. Each day will feature hands-on activities for kids, octopus feedings and talks. A few highlights: February 15 and 20 at noon: Live octopus release and February 13, 19 & 21 at noon: Divers swim with an octopus in the Window on Washington Waters exhibit. MORE >

*Activities, feedings and talks may vary due to seawall construction.

Octopus Week at the Seattle Aquarium