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The Seattle Aquarium will be open from 9:30am-3pm on Thursday, November 23 (Thanksgiving day). The Aquarium café will close at 2pm and the Aquarium store is open during hours of operation.

Meeting of the Seattle Aquarium Board of Directors 

June 2013

12-1:30pm, Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Seattle Aquarium, Large Classroom


1. Call to Order & Welcome (12:15pm)

Jim Gurke

2. Approval of May Minutes (12:18pm)

Jim Gurke

3. 2013 Splash! Report (12:28pm)

Dianne Bell

4. Harbor Seal Opening and Campaign (12:38pm)

Stephanie Kornblum

6. Otter Open (12:45pm)

Brian Hill

6. Sewall (12:50-1:10pm)

Jessica Murphy

7. Mission: (1:10-1:15pm)

  • Google+ Hangouts

Jim Wharton

8. CEO Report (1:15-1:20pm)

  • Benefits Renewal
  • Miner's Landing (Pier 57)
  • Other

Bob Davidson

9. Executive Session

Upcoming Events/Meetings:

  • Board of Directors Meeting - July 16, 2013