Closure alert!
The Aquarium is closed on Friday, June 2 for our annual fundraising gala Splash! We will be back open Saturday, June 3 from 9:30am-5pm.

Meeting of the Seattle Aquarium Board of Directors 

June 2013

12-1:30pm, Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Seattle Aquarium, Large Classroom


1. Call to Order & Welcome (12:15pm)

Jim Gurke

2. Approval of May Minutes (12:18pm)

Jim Gurke

3. 2013 Splash! Report (12:28pm)

Dianne Bell

4. Harbor Seal Opening and Campaign (12:38pm)

Stephanie Kornblum

6. Otter Open (12:45pm)

Brian Hill

6. Sewall (12:50-1:10pm)

Jessica Murphy

7. Mission: (1:10-1:15pm)

  • Google+ Hangouts

Jim Wharton

8. CEO Report (1:15-1:20pm)

  • Benefits Renewal
  • Miner's Landing (Pier 57)
  • Other

Bob Davidson

9. Executive Session

Upcoming Events/Meetings:

  • Board of Directors Meeting - July 16, 2013