Seattle Aquarium café closed for upgrades October 16–27
You can look forward to new equipment and streamlined service when the café reopens on October 28—we appreciate your understanding!

Meeting of the Seattle Aquarium Board of Directors 

October 2013

12-1:30pm, Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seattle Aquarium, Large Classroom


1. Call to Order & Welcome (12:15pm)

Jim Gurke

2. Approval of September Minutes (12:18pm)

Jim Gurke

3. Q3 Financial Update (12:20pm)

Kevin Blair, Ryan Dean

4. Development (12:30pm)

  • Harbor Seal Campaign Update
  • Otter Open Results
  • Annual Fund Lunch

 Lori Montoya

Stephanie Kornblum

Brian Hill, Steve Moore, Scott Trethewey

Christie Cotterill


5. Hawaii Collecting Trip Report (12:45pm)

Andy Sim, Andrea Dossantos

6. Friday Harbor Field Trip (1pm)

George Willoughby

7. CEO Report (1:15pm)

  • Waterfront/Seawall Developments
  • Master Plan
  • Tax Update
  • Executive Team Offsite
  • Survey Research

Bob Davidson

8. Executive Session

Upcoming Events/Meetings:

  • November Board of Directors Meeting - November 19, 2013 (Board Photo?)
  • Halloween Party - October 24, 2013
  • Finding Vino - November 14, 2013