Early Closure Alert!
The Aquarium will close two hours early on Wednesday, December 24. Last entry at 3pm; exhibits close at 4pm. The Aquarium will be closed on December 25.

Meeting of the Seattle Aquarium Board of Directors 

October 2013

12-1:30pm, Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seattle Aquarium, Large Classroom


1. Call to Order & Welcome (12:15pm)

Jim Gurke

2. Approval of September Minutes (12:18pm)

Jim Gurke

3. Q3 Financial Update (12:20pm)

Kevin Blair, Ryan Dean

4. Development (12:30pm)

  • Harbor Seal Campaign Update
  • Otter Open Results
  • Annual Fund Lunch

 Lori Montoya

Stephanie Kornblum

Brian Hill, Steve Moore, Scott Trethewey

Christie Cotterill


5. Hawaii Collecting Trip Report (12:45pm)

Andy Sim, Andrea Dossantos

6. Friday Harbor Field Trip (1pm)

George Willoughby

7. CEO Report (1:15pm)

  • Waterfront/Seawall Developments
  • Master Plan
  • Tax Update
  • Executive Team Offsite
  • Survey Research

Bob Davidson

8. Executive Session

Upcoming Events/Meetings:

  • November Board of Directors Meeting - November 19, 2013 (Board Photo?)
  • Halloween Party - October 24, 2013
  • Finding Vino - November 14, 2013