The Seattle Aquarium is a wealth of undersea information for educators, kids, parents and visitors. Here's your chance to get face-to-fin with marine life. Through specialized teacher programs, field trip opportunities, events and other marine resources, everyone can learn to share the knowledge and encourage the protection of the Sound that surrounds us all.


Self guided visit.
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Want a School Program? Registration opens August 6th.
Programs are available from October 1st- June 8th
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Want a Beach Field Lab?
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For a PreK-Kindergarten Outreach
Programs are available from October 1st- June 8th
$85 per class plus ferry fee if applicable
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Educators Guide

Find out what programs are available for your students this year.

Teacher Professional Development

In partnership with NOAA, the Seattle Aquarium presents "Volume 2 of the Okeanos Explorer Education Materials Collection: How Do We Explore?” workshop series. This workshop series aims to create a network of Ocean Exploration Teacher Leaders who will bring the excitement of ocean exploration into their classrooms through cross-curricular, standards-based and inquiry-based lessons.


How Do We Explore?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cost: $25 Refundable deposit on full day participation
Professional Development for Educators of Grades 5-12
7 clock hours available
$50 stipend, breakfast and lunch Included

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Puget Sound Sleepover

Come Sleep with the Fishes!

Our season September 2011 - May 2012 is FULL

Registration will open August 1, 2012

Available on select dates September 2012 - May 2013

  • Explore the Aquarium after hours; participate in exciting educational activities before bunking down to sleep with the fish.
  • Prepare ice toys for our sea otters, discover the fascinating world of plankton and come face to face with a giant Pacific octopus.
  • We will work with you to plan an experience that meets your expectations for learning and fun.
  • The program includes a mid-evening snack and a light breakfast.

Time: 7pm to 7:30am

Fees: Will be posted August 1, 2012

Participants: There will be a flat program fee for up to 32 participants. There will be an additional fee for each additional participant after 32. You may have 40 participants total. We require a 1:4 ratio, adult : child. All participants must be 6 years and older.

Please direct further inquiries to:
Puget Sound Sleepover Coordinator
Call 206-386-4340