Life of a Drifter

Step into the world of some of Puget Sound's most mysterious and beautiful creatures

Meet the drifters of Puget Sound in this magical, three-part exhibit.

Family walking through Ring of Life.

Ring of Life

You can literally step through this exhibit – it’s a beautifully lit, 12-foot high crystal ring filled with luminous moon jellies. Watch in wonder as they gently propel themselves through the water, floating up, down and around the ring.


Giant Pacific Octopus

Take a close look at one of the most elusive and fascinating sea creatures found in Puget Sound: the giant Pacific octopus. This exhibit is designed in two sections connected by a large transparent tube– watch as the octopus moves from one section to the other, giving you a chance to observe its many busy tentacles, and perhaps even gaze into one of its ancient-looking eyes. If you’re there at noon or 4pm, you’ll witness one of our daily octopus feeding attempts. This exhibit is also home to creatures that share a habitat with the giant Pacific octopus in the wild, such as greenlings, red Irish lords, rockfish and anemones.

Plankton and Juvenile China Rockfish

The wet table: a closer look

Spend some time as a marine biologist! This 13-foot wet table allows you to explore the lives of juvenile rockfish, sea star and plankton – the tiniest drifters of the sea.

Puget Sound