February 13–21: Wrap your arms around Octopus Week!

Join us to learn about one of the coolest creatures in Puget Sound, the giant Pacific octopus. Each day will feature hands-on activities for kids, octopus feedings and talks.* A few highlights:

*Activities, feedings and talks may vary due to seawall construction.

February 14 starting at noon: Octopus blind date

See what happens when 16 arms, six hearts (did you know octopuses have three hearts each?) and two giant Pacific octopuses meet on Valentine’s Day. Aquarium biologists will set the mood with decorative hearts, roses and romantic music at the Octopus exhibit. Will the octopuses decide that love is in the water? Join us to find out!

February 14 starting at noon: Octopus love

At noon on February 14, instead of our octopus blind date event, divers will swim with Kong, our male giant Pacific octopus, in the Window on Washington Waters exhibit. Join us to learn about the life of a bachelor octopus and get a one-of-a-kind, up-close look at the world’s largest octopus species!

February 15 and 20 at noon: Live octopus release

Join us inside the Aquarium to watch live video feed as our biologists escort one of our octopuses to a new home below our pier.

February 13, 19 and 21 at noon: Divers swim with an octopus in the Window on Washington Waters exhibit

Get a great view of an octopus while discovering amazing facts about this icon of Puget Sound.

Plus much more! To view a complete list of our Octopus Week activities, click here.

Octopus Week at the Seattle Aquarium