Preschool Outreach

Our classroom-based outreach programs will come to your Pre-K center! For ages 3–5.

Ocean Animals

What is an animal without a backbone? Students will learn about some of our Puget Sound invertebrates such as squid, mussels and sea stars. Games, puppets, songs and discussions help students explore the names, locomotion and habitats of these animals.




Seals, Whales and Otters

What makes a whale a marine mammal? This class explores the characteristics of marine mammals with hands-on opportunities to handle pelts, bones and teeth. Other activities include making marine mammal rubbings and creative dramatics.




Fun with Fishes

Using real skeletons and teeth, students will learn about Northwest fishes and sharks, including the elusive sixgill sharks of Puget Sound. Activities include fish rubbings, stories and other fishy fun!



Program Fees and Length

Fees: $120 per program; $80 per additional program on the same day. Limited to 30 participants per program and four programs per day.

Cost includes up to 50 miles travel (one way). Additional costs will be applied for longer distance and ferry travel.

Program length is 45 minutes.


Conservation Education Scholarship Fund

Limited Scholarships for qualifying schools available; please apply online when registering for programs.