Saltwater Sales

Saltwater System Specifics:

  • The saltwater we sell is the same water that we use for our collection, pulled directly from Elliott Bay.
  • Salinity is ~28 ppm (parts per million). The salinity of open-ocean water is ~32 ppm.
  • Water temperature is ambient and ranges seasonally between 42 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Particulates are filtered through high-rate sand filters.
  • Ultraviolet sterilization is used to kill bacteria and other organisms. While the water has been irradiated with UV, we cannot warrant it to be sterile.
  • A ¾” garden hose delivers up to 15 GPM (gallons per minute) and a 1-1/4” hose delivers up to 60 GPM.
  • A key card is used to activate/deactivate the system: simply place the card in front of a card reader located at the site.
  • For assistance, call (206) 386-4359.


  • Set up an account at the administrative offices upstairs in Pier 59, M–F, 8am-4:30pm. Total cost to set up an account is $35.
  • Additional key cards are $10.
  • Saltwater is $.07 per gallon, with a minimum $25 per year.
  • Invoices are sent monthly and show transaction dates, times and volumes.


  • The loading dock is busy. While the system is open 24 hours a day, we encourage use between the hours of 4pm and 7am.
  • You may have to wait if vehicles are temporarily blocking the loading dock.
  • Prevent trip hazards: please don’t stretch hoses across the sidewalk.
  • Store hoses neatly.

For instructions, click here.