Sea Otter Awareness Weekend

September 26–27

Join biologists at the Seattle Aquarium and explore the lives of sea otters. See how the Seattle Aquarium biologists care for these enchanting animals, including providing great nutrition, training and even toys!

Sea Otter Awareness Weekend at the Seattle Aquarium

Schedule of activities:

  • 10:30am: Sea Otter Parachute Game—Puget Sound Hall
  • 11am: Story Time—Puget Sound Hall
  • 11:30am: Meet the Expert and Otter Feeding—Sea Otter Exhibit
  • 2pm: Sea Otter Enrichment Feeding—Sea Otter Exhibit
  • 3pm: Ice Toy Demonstration—Marine Mammal Exhibit
  • 3:30pm: Sea Otter Parachute Game—Puget Sound Hall
  • 5pm: Sea Otter Feeding—Sea Otter Exhibit