Marine Summer Camps

  For kids entering grades 1-2 Fall 2015

Amazing Octopus & Friends! Camp - Seattle Aquarium

Amazing Octopus & Friends!—Sold Out

For kids entering grades 1–2 in Fall 2015
Session 1: July 6–10
Session 2: August 3–7
Monday–Friday, 9am–4pm
$365; Aquarium members $330
Did you know the world’s largest species of octopus lives right here in Puget Sound? Get to know the giant Pacific octopus while participating in fun class research projects and viewing enrichment feedings. You’ll meet many kinds of animals in this group, known as the “magicians of the sea.” They can change colors, shift shapes, light up and be gone in a blink of an eye. Amazing hands-on activities and animal feedings of other local spineless wonders are in store!


Sharks & Fish Friends! Camp - Seattle Aquarium

Sharks & Fish Friends!

For kids entering grades 1–2 in Fall 2015
Session 1: June 22–26
Session 2: July 20–24
Session 3: August 17-21—Sold out
Monday–Friday, 9am–4pm
$365; Aquarium members $330
Unveil the mysteries and myths that surround one of the top predators living in our ocean. Discover facts about a local, legendary species: the sixgill shark. Meet divers and find out about the latest research findings on these not-so-scary giants of the deep. Explore our Underwater Dome, home to a small species of shark also found locally: the Pacific spiny dogfish. Your week will be filled with stories, sea shanties, scavenger hunts and superb works of shark art.


Legends of the Deep—a day camp with Seattle Children’s Theatre (SCT)

Here & There! Partnership Summer Camp—Sold Out for grades 1-2

Legends of the Deep—a day camp with Seattle Children's Theatre (SCT)

For kids entering grades 1–4 in Fall 2015
August 24–28
Monday–Friday, 9am–4pm
$310 early registration and Aquarium members;
$335 registration after May 31, 2015

Dive into the deep and explore a magical world of coral reefs, seahorses and seals. Develop acting skills as you immerse yourself in a dramatic adventure with SCT while also engaging in hands-on marine science with the Seattle Aquarium. Our adventure will conclude with a field trip on the last day to see and explore a natural aquatic habitat.

Camp takes place at the Seattle Aquarium. Registration opens February 9, 2015 and is processed through Seattle Children’s Theatre only. To register, please call (206) 443-0807 ext. 1186 or visit For scholarship information, please visit

Extended morning care is available at 8am for $50/week or $12/day. Extended afternoon care is available until 5:30pm for $50/week or $12/day. Students must be registered for extended care by the Wednesday before class starts. All extended care takes place at the Seattle Aquarium.