Early Closure Alert!
The Aquarium will close two hours early on Wednesday, December 24. Last entry at 3pm; exhibits close at 4pm. The Aquarium will be closed on December 25.

Marine Summer Camps

  For kids entering grades 5-6 Fall 2014

Junior Marine Biologist—Intro to Inverts and Ichthyology—SOLD OUT

For kids entering grades 5–6 in Fall 2014
Session 1: June 23–27
Session 2: July 14–18
Session 3: August 11–15
Monday–Friday, 9am–4pm
$360; Aquarium members $325
See how our biologists spend their time while working with fish and invertebrates: not only do they feed, enrich and care for the animals in our exhibits; they also venture into the field to study wild populations. Learn about their research projects—from tagging sharks and counting octopus dens in Puget Sound to collecting fish biodiversity data in Hawaii. Then perform your own project by recording population counts in our exhibits, verifying species from field video footage or placing enriching treats in an octopus’ path to see the reactions that follow.


Aquarium Exhibit Design

For kids entering grades 5–6 in Fall 2014
Session 1: July 28–August 1
Session 2: August 4–8
Monday–Friday, 9am–4pm
$360; Aquarium members $325
Have you ever wondered what it takes to build exhibits for marine animals, their caretakers and the people who visit the Aquarium? Come learn about the evolution of exhibit design and meet the engineers, artists, educators and biologists that help plan new Aquarium exhibits. After experiencing demonstrations and exhibit tours and unlocking behind-the-scenes secrets, you’ll design and build a model of your dreamSeattle Aquarium exhibit.