Emily Barry

Projects: Creative Writing Exploring Habitat Loss

I Am the Ocean

The ocean covers 70 percent of Earth’s surface and contains 99 percent of living space on the planet, as well as 50 percent of its species. It makes up such a large part of our world, and yet we are filling it with contaminants both directly and indirectly. At one point these chemicals would cycle through, but they are entering at such a fast pace at such a quantity that they are building up, and out of every area being altered by humans I feel the ocean is the one most often dismissed as unimportant when being considered for protection. People see it only as a never-ending surface. They don’t see what is within and they don’t see how easily affected it is. I wrote this to try to personify the ocean and take people past that surface. Click here to read I Am the Ocean.

Blame it on the Monkey

I wrote this piece to show the connections within the environment, and how you may think that poaching the otters is only hurting that one species but in truth that sets off a chain of events, affecting each species not only above, but also below, on the food web. Click here to read Blame it on the Monkey.

If the Sun Had Just Risen that Day

Often times environmental issues take a back burner to other problems. We are each guilty of this and it becomes even more noticeable when it occurs within the government and large corporations. I wrote this piece to express my own opinion, believing that this constant “putting off” creates a huge issue that we could have easily prevented but are no longer able solve. Such is my inferno. Click here to read If the Sun Had Just Risen that Day.


Emily Barry

About Emily

Conservation, helping the planet remain as beautiful and diverse as I have grown up knowing it as, is a topic I feel very strongly about. It is an issue that is intertwined with many others but also one that I feel I can make an actual difference in, through even my writing, unlike other similarly broad topics that feel so far out of hand.