Karina Silva

Projects: Screen Printing Exploring Biodiversity and Videography Exploring Climate Change

Karina Silva, Fishy Fishy, Screen Printing Exploring Biodiversity. 2013.

Fishy, Fishy

Screen Printing Exploring Biodiversity
My artwork is a way for me to show conservation issues that represent the Aquarium and the importance of biodiversity and species’ relationships.


The Effects of Climate Change on the Ocean

Videography Exploring Climate Change
I decided to make this video because I felt that the reason people weren't careful with climate change was because they didn't have the knowledge of how the ocean and its ecosystems were being affected by climate change. I made my video informational on how all the different fish, even the ones at the Aquarium, could be affected by climate change.


Karina Silva

About Karina

I live in Seattle, I enjoy art and am so glad I could do a piece this year! I participated in CIC because I think it's important for people to understand why conservation is so important and if I can help people conserve by using art as inspiration then that's an even greater pleasure for me.