Madeline Mann

Projects: Photography Exploring Pollution

Madeline Mann, Oil and Water Do Not Mix, Photography Exploring Pollution, 2013.

Oil and Water Do Not Mix

Nonpoint source pollution is when water runoff collects foreign materials such as oil and introduces them into the marine waters. We all contribute to this type of pollution and even an amount of oil this small, as shown in the photo, can be devastating to the marine environment.

Madeline Mann, As Fragile as an Egg Yolk, Photography Exploring Pollution, 2013.

As Fragile as an Egg Yolk

Egg-yolk jellyfishes are native to Puget Sound waters and an important aspect of the marine environment. This photo shows how close they swim to the surface, making them highly susceptible to pollution accumulation.


Madeline Mann

About Madeline

I have been fascinated with the conservation of the marine world ever since taking a marine biology course in high school. My dad introduced me to the world of photography, which instantly became a passion of mine, and this CIC course allowed me to convey both of these interests to a larger crowd!