Shyla Johnson

Acrylic Painting Exploring Endangered Species and Drawing Exploring Ocean Acidification

Shyla Johnson, Escape Extinction, Acrylic Painting Exploring Endangered Species, 2013.

Escape Extinction

Acrylic Painting Exploring Endangered Species
I wanted to focus on the human influence on the endangerment of species. In each of these three sections I wanted to represent species that are affected by habitat destruction that was directly or indirectly caused by humans.


Shyla Johnson, In The Dark, Drawing Exploring Ocean Acidification, 2013.

In The Dark

Drawing Exploring Ocean Acidification
My intention with this piece was to create a world where the oceans were no longer inhabitable. I wanted to show just how dark that would be if there was no marine life.


Shyla Johnson

About Shyla

I chose to participate in this program because it combined my interests in both environmental issues and art. I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to further my knowledge of both.