Taylor Barron

Projects: Sculpture Exploring Marine Debris

Taylor Barron, Fishing, Sculpture Exploring Marine Debris, 2013.


The general idea of my piece is that we—as humans—get out what we put into the environment; we choose to be either creators or destroyers. The concept of equivalent exchange is true for every type of ecosystem, and understanding our own environmental impact can help us to make choices that benefit all types of life forms and their habitats.


Taylor Barron

About Taylor

Art has been a very huge part of my life for the past few years; helping me reach the decision to develop my artistic skills and further the innovation of my ideas by going to an art school this fall where I will study animation and computer art. A friend who volunteers at the Seattle Aquarium told me about Creativity Inspiring Conservation (CIC), encouraged me to join, and I was happy to participate in a program that uses art to inspire environmental consciousness.