Vida Wenokur

Projects: Creative Writing Exploring Habitat Loss

Aquarium Observations

These quick little observations are the things that I notice when I visit the Aquarium. What do you see? Click here to read Aquarium Observations.

Kelp Memories

Kelp Memories is a glimpse into the world of two sea otter ghosts. Click here to read Kelp Memories.


Salmon return to the exact same stream they were born in to spawn and die; they leave nutrients in the forest, which helps the forest grow. Birthwrite was inspired by the question, "What do you have in common with the salmon?" Click here to read Birthwrite.


Vida Wenokur

About Vida

As a writer I am driven to create, and as a human being I see taking care of the world as my responsibility. I participated in CIC because it allowed me to combine those two activities.