Marshawn "Pinch" Cam

Live streaming video of Marshawn "Pinch", the Seattle Aquarium’s 12th crustacean.


Marshawn Pinch is a hermit crab who has clawed his way to the top. The star scuttling-back for his team, the Seattle Searocks, Pinch got his start in chilly waters of San Francisco’s East Bay. After a stint in upstate New York where, he says, he felt like a fish out of water, he moved his shell to Puget Sound. In his very first playoff game, against the New Orleans Baits, Pinch scuttled for a 67-yard touchdown and set off a BeachQuake that was felt throughout the entire intertidal zone. He’s known for drawing a line in the sand with the opposing team, going into Beach Mode, and leading the ‘Rocks to victory with teammates such as Mussel Wilson, Richard Sturgeon and Golden Skate.


It’s off-season for Marshawn Pinch!

The Seattle Aquarium’s 12th crustacean and star scuttling back for the Searocks has retreated to his shell for now. Check back next season to see him practicing his scuttling skills via our “Pinch cam!”


Download a Marshawn Pinch sign here.