SeaChange table captain FAQs

It's easy! Start by thinking about colleagues, friends and family members who you believe care about our ocean. There are 10 seats at your table, we recommend reaching out to anyone you think might want to learn more about marine conservation, education and research and the great work being done by the Seattle Aquarium.

No! We suggest you start contacting guests as soon as possible and utilize the sample email and "save the date" PDF to give everyone all the details. Adding a personalized note to each is also a nice touch, and we’ve provided some additional information regarding our (specific program to come) that you may want to include!

Evites will be uploaded to the table captain concierge webpage no later than August 24. Please forward to your guests.

Use this link to access the table guest registration form, add your guests' names, mailing and email addresses, and phone numbers. Save it with your name as the file name and send it to

No problem! We hope that you'll have a full table, but can work with you to accommodate whatever number of guests you have.

We encourage you to remind your table guests that SeaChange is coming up—but please know that once your guests are registered, they'll get an email from the Seattle Aquarium few days prior to SeaChange with all the details they need.

Our fifth annual SeaChange is a fundraising breakfast. We hope that attendees are inspired by what they learn and consider a suggested minimum donation of $150 per person; the “ask” will be included in the program.

As table captain, you'll be responsible for passing out the donation forms to your guests during the program at the designated time during the program. The forms will be on your table in an envelope for easy access. We hope that you’ll lead your table in making a gift! After the forms are filled out, you'll collect them from your guests, and place them in the envelope provided. A Seattle Aquarium volunteer will pick it up at the end of the program.

The Seattle Aquarium will send an email to all attendees to thank them for coming and share the total of the dollars raised. But we encourage you to personally call, email or write to thank your guests for their support. We also hope you'll visit the Seattle Aquarium for one of our an upcoming events.

Please contact us at or (206) 693-6266.