Be an ocean hero with the Seattle Aquarium during World Ocean Weekend, June 8-9!

Be an ocean hero with the Seattle Aquarium during World Ocean Weekend, June 8-9!


Celebrate the world’s one big ocean with us. This year’s focus is ocean heroes: everyone, no matter where they live, can help keep the ocean clean and healthy. Learn how with a variety of hands-on activities and special demonstrations at the Seattle Aquarium; visit our website for details.

Looking for other ways to be an ocean hero? See our list of ideas below:

  • Join an organization that promotes coral conservation like the Seattle Aquarium does.
  • Get involved with conservation organizations that support coral and ocean protection programs.
  • Support the creation and maintenance of marine parks and reserves.
  • Purchase items with minimal or no plastic packaging. Invest in reusable containers such as metal water bottles; lunchbox tins; and washable, plastic-free snack/sandwich sacks and shopping totes.
  • Volunteer with your family and neighbors for a reef or beach cleanup. The Seattle Aquarium hosts “An Hour for the Ocean” on June 8, World Ocean Day!
  • Support city- and statewide plastic bag bans and compostable service-ware laws in grocery stores, markets and restaurants.
  • Handy Seafood Watch cards, available at the Aquarium (or online), help you choose sustainable seafood caught using environmentally responsible practices and equipment.
  • When you visit a beach or coral reef please respect local guidelines, regulations, recommendations, and customs for habitat protection.
  • Respect local guidelines when visiting a beach or coral reef.
  • Be an informed customer and think carefully before buying coral, shell and animal objects; find out where they came from and whether their harvest was legal and sustainable. Support retailers that do not sell such items.
  • Invest in community solar projects. Even in rainy Seattle, solar power can help reduce our carbon footprint! Check out the display on the Aquarium’s second floor for more information about the café’s solar hot water system.

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