Budding Philanthropists Sell Lemonade To Feed The Sea Otters

Budding Philanthropists Sell Lemonade To Feed The Sea Otters

Proving it’s never too early to start supporting a cause you believe in, two young girls recently hosted a garage sale and opened a lemonade stand to raise money to help feed our resident sea otters. The girls, Leeia Stroh and Jessica Levin, felt a deep connection to Adaa, Lootas, Aniak and, not surprisingly, young Sekiu. And in a living manifestation of our Mission, they took those feelings and acted upon them.

Business was brisk and the girls soon found that many customers were happy to contribute to their worthy cause and enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade at the same time. By the time they closed up shop, they had raised eighty dollars.

Delighted with the results of their venture, the girls brought their proceeds to the Seattle Aquarium in the mini lunchbox that had served as their cash drawer. Aquarium CEO Bob Davidson met with them to accept their donation and express his appreciation for their hard work and support.

Small, large and everywhere in between, each donation we receive at the Aquarium makes a difference and helps us further our Mission. Our thanks and appreciation go to Leeia and Jessica — and we hope to see them at the sea otter exhibit again soon!

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