Giant Pacific Octopus
Did you know the giant Pacific octopus is the largest octopus species on Earth--and it's found in the waters of Puget Sound?


This week, April 27–May 1, is all about cephalopods (a Greek word meaning “head-foot”—more on that below!*), a group that includes octopuses, squid and cuttlefish. We’re very enthusiastic about these animals and we’re excited to share that excitement with you online this week!



Below is a schedule of events that you can tune in for throughout the week, plus activities for kids of all ages. We’ll also be featuring fun facts and other fascinating content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Join us for a week of online learning and fun!

Monday, April 27:

  • Moving a large animal that may want to wrap eight arms, each wielding about 200 suckers, around you definitely has its challenges! Visit our blog to learn about our long history of octopus releases and some of the logistics involved.
  • 10am: Tune in for virtual story time as one of our staff members reads Octavia and Her Purple Ink Cloud by Donna Rathmell and Doreen Rathmell and illustrated by Connie McLennan.

Tuesday, April 28:

  • 10am: Join our team for a live diver experience on our Facebook page where YOU can ask questions as a diver interacts with a variety of fish in our Window on Washington Waters exhibit.

Wednesday, April 29:

  • Ready for some cool cephalopod facts? Go to our blog learn how many hearts a cephalopod has (it’s more than one and less than 10!), why cephalopods change color, and much more. You’ll even get a true inside glimpse of a squid, if you know what we mean—don’t miss it!

Thursday, April 30:

Friday, May 1:

  • Test your knowledge from the week by completing some sustainability trivia on our blog.



We’ve compiled a list of activities and actions that you can do on your own.

*So why are cephalopods “head-foot” animals? The word refers to the way the animals’ many legs attach directly to their heads, rather than their bodies. Learn more about these fascinating animals throughout the week!

PS: Did you have a chance to check out our other themed weeks? If not, take some time to explore the many learning opportunities we posted on our blog, and watch the live diver experiences we did on Facebook with some members of our Aquarium team. Plus, check out our animal fact sheets, infographic library and at-home activities for kids, or check in on our animals in real time with our live webcams.



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