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This week, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, we’re featuring a full week devoted to caring for our planet and one world ocean. We’re excited to share all kinds of ways you can take action to make a difference, even while sheltering in place and maintaining social distancing. We’ll also be celebrating our amazing volunteers, who we’re missing so much during our temporary closure, because it’s also National Volunteer Week!



Below is a schedule of events that you can tune in for throughout the week, plus activities for kids of all ages. We’ll also be featuring daily tips and conservation actions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Join us for a week of online learning and fun!

Monday, April 20:

  • Collective action is powerful! Visit our blog to learn about the efforts of our Conservation Programs and Partnerships team to make a difference for the marine environment during the most recent session of the Washington State Legislature.
  • 10am: Tune in for virtual story time as one of our staff members reads The Pout-Pout Fish Cleans Up the Ocean by Deborah Diesen.



Tuesday, April 21:

  • We’re thrilled that the Seattle Aquarium gift shop recently won an award for their sustainability efforts. Check out our blog to learn about the award and what they’ve been doing—plus start a wish list of items to shop for when the Aquarium reopens!
  • 10am: Join our team for a live diver experience on our Facebook page where YOU can ask questions as a diver interacts with a variety of fish in our Window on Washington Waters exhibit.

Wednesday, April 22:

  • Did you know that the animals in our care eat the same restaurant-quality seafood that humans do? Head to our blog to learn about sustainable seafood for humans and animals alike.
  • Our blog is on fire this week! Next up, we’ve got a post celebrating our amazing volunteers!
  • 10am: Join us as Seattle Aquarium’s Youth Engagement Coordinator Danielle Carter talks to Ruby Kaill, a Seattle Aquarium Youth Ocean Advocate, about conservation.
  • Meet us on Twitter for micro-poems on microplastics! Put on your creative thinking cap and compose a haiku to raise awareness about ocean health and plastic pollution.

Thursday, April 23:

  • Ever mistaken a piece of plastic food for the real thing? Marine animals do that too—with devastating effects. Go to our blog to learn more, plus discover how you can slow the flow of plastics into the ocean.
  • 10am: What exactly are microplastics and why, since they’re so tiny, are they such a huge issue? Get the scoop during a talk with Seattle Aquarium Director of Conservation Programs and Partnerships Dr. Erin Meyer.
  • Meet us again on Twitter for micro-poems on microplastics!

Friday, April 24:

  • Test your knowledge from the week by completing some sustainability trivia on our blog—plus learn more about some of the conservation actions our staff are taking (and that you can take too!).



We’ve compiled a list of activities and actions that you can do on your own.

  • Check out our YouTube channel for videos devoted to actions you can take to care for our planet and ocean!
  • Take an ecoAction Virtual Field Trip, courtesy of our Earth Action Week sponsor, The Boeing Company, and Discovery Education.
  • Speaking of sustainable seafood, learn about the marine food web with our activity sheet.
  • Can you find the hidden litter in the tide pool? Give it a try with this activity sheet.
  • Explore The Boeing Company’s new underwater 360° extended reality video and accompanying activities.
  • Learn more about the Aquarium’s sustainability efforts—and draw ideas you can try at home!
  • Download our Earth Action Week coloring sheet.

Earth Action week sponsored by The Boeing Company.

PS: Did you have a chance to check out Sea Otter Week, Puget Sound Fish Week or Northern Fur Seal Week? If not, take some time to explore the many learning opportunities we posted on our blog, and watch the live diver experiences we did on Facebook with some members of our Aquarium team. Plus, check out our animal fact sheets, infographic library and at-home activities for kids, or check in on our animals in real time with our live webcams.



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