We’re all doing our part to help fight the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing—which means the Aquarium is temporarily closed to the public. But even if you can’t come to the Aquarium, our dedicated staff are hard at work to bring the Aquarium to you!

Starting Monday, March 30, each week we’ll feature a different theme with rotating content such as videos, live streams of animal enrichment, at-home activities and conservation actions, trivia, Q&As with our animal care staff, story times and more—all so you can continue to learn about the amazing animals in our care and in the wild, and what we can all do to ensure they have healthy homes in the ocean. We’re kicking off with Sea Otter Week and upcoming weeks will feature the extraordinary fish of the Salish Sea, our local invertebrates, Earth Day activism and more!

We’ve already posted a whole page of online resources for you to dive into: Check out our animal fact sheets, infographic library, at-home activities for kids, or virtually visit our harbor seals and sea otters in real time with our live webcams.




The Seattle Aquarium has a long history with sea otters—we were the first in the world to have sea otters conceived, born and live to adulthood in a zoo or aquarium. Since opening in 1977, we’ve had nine successful pups born here. We also conduct important research on the species and host a biennial sea otter conservation workshop that attracts biologists, government agencies, veterinarians and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from around the world to discuss sea otter management and conservation.

For the week of March 30–April 3, we’re bringing our otters to you! Below is a schedule of events that you can tune in for and a list of activities for kids of all ages.

Monday, March 30:

Tuesday, March 31:

  • Join Aquarium staff for virtual story time at 10am as we read A Little Otter's Busy, Complete Day by Roberta Brooks and illustrated by Lindsay Holladay Van Damme.


Wednesday, April 1:

  • Ever wonder what it takes to be a sea otter researcher? Visit our blog to learn more about the Aquarium’s involvement in the annual sea otter census and see if you can virtually spot all the otters out in the field.
  • Take a break and watch a video of otters and seals falling asleep for a quick nap.

Thursday, April 2:

  • Tune in at 10am on Facebook as some of our sea otter experts chat online with the team from the Sea Otter Foundation & Trust about the care we’re providing for our sea otters during the current Aquarium closure. (A recording is posted below to view at any time.)



Friday, April 3:

  • Test your knowledge from the week by completing some sea otter trivia on our blog.
  • Tune into our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) for a fun time with our Curator of Mammals and Birds Traci Belting and Animal Care Specialist Carol Jackson as they answer some commonly asked questions about sea otters in a video made last year (before social distancing).




Little girl watching sea otters at Seattle Aquarium



We’ve also compiled a list of activities you can do on your own that are all about sea otters. Remember to engage with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well—we’ll be featuring more content (and some really irresistible photos) there!

Explore our sea otter fact sheet

Check out our marine mammal infographic

Watch our live otter cams or view our sea otter video channel

Learn the difference between a sea otter and a river otter and be amazed by how much an otter must eat each day

Download our otter coloring sheet or see if you can find the hidden sea otter and other sea creatures

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