A family affair: Why Bob and Emily Power support the Seattle Aquarium

A family affair: Why Bob and Emily Power support the Seattle Aquarium


“I wish people understood the strong connection between the Aquarium and the marine environment of Puget Sound,” reflects Bob Power, current Seattle Aquarium board member.

Bob and his daughter Emily, a member of the Aquarium’s auxiliary board, are both excited to spread the word about all the programs at the Aquarium. Emily sums it up, saying, “I don’t think people know about everything the Aquarium offers. It gives people an opportunity to study marine biology without having access to college classes. It has programs for science and research, and funding for kids and families to come to the Aquarium when they couldn’t afford to otherwise. It’s a chance to inspire.”

Emily, a Northwest native, grew up playing on local beaches and feels a strong connection to Puget Sound. Over the last 20 years she’s noticed how the environment has changed. “My brother in Alaska has seen how the salmon population has been affected,” Emily says. Volunteering at the Aquarium gives her an opportunity to be part of marine conservation. “The Aquarium shows people how small changes can make a difference, like using less water.” Emily adds, “Being on the auxiliary board is a chance for me to be a voice and advocate for this cause.”

For Bob and Emily, giving back to causes that matter is an important family value. With their shared passion for the water and the environment, the Aquarium is a perfect fit. And, as Bob puts it, “I don’t know how you could say that 70 percent of the world’s surface—water—doesn’t matter.” Bob adds that he’s very proud to see Emily involved in a cause he cares so much about, saying, “It’s a good chance to work on something together.”

Since he joined the board, Bob says he’s seen a slowly growing understanding of the need for a healthy ocean. “People are more aware of the importance of the marine environment and how it affects every part of our lives.” Emily adds, “My friends are excited to know I’m on the board and that my service will make an impact on the environment.”

You can join Bob and Emily in making a difference at the Aquarium. As Emily says, “There are so many ways to participate: get involved; donate. Even beyond marine environment—be a camp counselor. Donate or go to events. Ample ways to be involved—people should absolutely go for it.”

Visit SeattleAquarium.org/donate to show your support of our marine environment, or learn more about volunteer opportunities at SeattleAquarium.org/volunteer.


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