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Once again, it’s election season and the Seattle Aquarium would like to encourage you to vote in the upcoming November 5 general election. There are many great candidates and important issues that will be appearing on your ballot and I firmly believe that our democracy, communities and environment are healthier when more people participate in our election process.

This year, we will all have an opportunity to weigh in on an issue that’s critical to the health of our Puget Sound and greater ocean. Tim Eyman’s I-976 is a measure that may sound good, but when you take a closer look you realize that it takes us backwards when it comes to ocean health and the environment. I hope you will join me in voting NO on I-976 by Nov. 5.

One of the most important steps we can take to better protect the health of our ocean and the marine species that call it home is reducing fossil fuel consumption and other carbon emissions. Carbon pollution makes our ocean more acidic, harms fish and corals and even hurts iconic species like our southern resident orcas.

There is a direct link between investing in transportation alternatives and reducing the carbon we are emitting into the environment. Washington state has taken important steps in recent years to promote cleaner forms of transportation and as our region grows those investments become more critical. Should I-976 pass, it would slash $4 billion in funding from cities and counties across the state. This is funding that makes critical transportation projects possible, expands public transit and park and rides, improves freight corridors and highway safety, and reduces our carbon footprint. These important efforts will be severely undermined and sometimes even cancelled if I-976 passes.

The Seattle Aquarium is proud to join a broad coalition of public safety, conservation, business, community and civic organizations who have all joined together to oppose this measure. Newspaper editorial boards from across our state have shared their opposition and The Seattle Times Editorial Board recently stated that, “Nothing about I-976 is a good idea, in terms of responsible governance or prudent money management.”

If you would like to learn more about this measure, please visit the No on I-976 website. We must all do our part when it comes to fighting climate change and ensuring a healthier planet. An easy way to do that is by voting NO on I-976 by November 5.


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