Just in time for Halloween: the Aquarium’s underwater costume masters!

Trick-or-treaters in costume are a common sight on October 31—but did you know that some of the animals at the Aquarium have their own ways of “dressing up”? If you’re still figuring out what you’ll wear on Halloween, maybe these saltwater costume experts can provide some inspiration. Take a look, then come see the animals in person at the Aquarium: dressed up or in “plain clothes,” they’re sure to captivate!


Sea urchins

Sea urchins commonly use their tube feet to pick up objects including rocks, shells and even other animals. They’ll also occasionally incorporate other objects into their décor!


Sea urchin on rock


Hermit crabs

Masters of recycling, hermit crabs repurpose snail shells—just like you might use a cardboard box to become a robot, a wrapped gift, a washing machine or whatever square object strikes your fancy. And, just like we might have a hard time letting go of a creative costume masterpiece, hermit crabs are sometimes reluctant to let go of their old shell homes after outgrowing them.


Hermit crab


Anemone crab

The warm-water anemone crab can be seen meticulously decorating its outer shell with an assortment of attractive anemones, which do double duty as camouflage and a stinging barrier for potential predators of the crab.


Anemone crab


Tufted puffins

We’re currently in the middle of the puffins’ bi-annual “costume swap:” from summer breeding plumage to winter attire. About half of the alcids at the Aquarium have already transitioned, and half are still getting ready or in process of molting. Come check them out!


Tufted Puffin


Yellow-eye rockfish

When he wants to attract a female’s attention, the male yellow-eye rockfish pulls out all the stops: Typically a dull orange, he switches to a dark dusky coloration.


Yellow-eye rockfish


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