Kids: #1 fans of Aquarium diver shows

Kids: #1 fans of Aquarium diver shows


Three times each day, divers take to the water in the Aquarium’s 120,000-gallon Window on Washington Waters exhibit—the mammoth home to more than 800 fish and invertebrates indigenous to Pacific Northwest waters. At a breathtaking 20x40 feet, the main window offers an expansive view as the divers interact with the animals inside the exhibit, as well as the eager visitors outside the glass. Thanks to specialized masks, the divers are able to communicate with interpreters on the “dry side,” and answer questions from the audience.

Kids especially love a chance to watch and talk to the divers. One of our young guests, Zora, asks for diver Nicole by name when she visits the Aquarium. Zora likes to sit up front for the diver show and dance along to Queen’s song Under Pressure—she’s got great moves!

Another young guest, Ethan, brings his own diver (a repurposed astronaut) along to diver shows and made diver Cari smile when he proclaimed, “Divers are my favorite thing in the water!”

If you haven’t seen a diver show in the Window on Washington Waters exhibit, you’re missing out. Join us daily at 10am, 11:30am or 12:15pm.


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