Learn about plastics in Puget Sound during World Ocean Weekend

Learn about plastics in Puget Sound during World Ocean Weekend


Learn to be an ocean hero at the Seattle Aquarium during World Ocean Weekend on June 7 and 8. We’ll feature a variety of activities and talks for the entire family—several of them dedicated to the problem of plastics in the ocean, and actions each of us can take to help.

Did you know that plastic in the ocean never truly disappears? It just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. And no matter what size the plastic is, it can do tremendous harm to the animals and life forms in the ocean. You can help by disposing of litter properly, reducing your use of single-use plastics, and recycling waste whenever possible.

While you’re at the Aquarium for World Ocean Weekend, you can also learn about the efforts of our neighbors to the south, Argosy Cruises, to clean up waste along Seattle’s waterfront.

For more than 20 years, each May through October, Argosy Cruises has run a waterfront cleanup program to rid the waterfront of "unnatural" debris from the waters of Elliott Bay between Piers 71 and 48.  The program is run in conjunction with the Downtown Seattle Association's Metropolitan Improvement District.

Using their launch the M/V Beaver, a crew of two Argosy employees armed with long-poled nets scoop up debris not produced by nature. Most items that are picked up are made of plastic, in an almost endless variety: Styrofoam, toys, toothbrushes, bags, bottles, nets, lines, shoes, balloons, hoses, hats, tires and more. In past years, 30-gallon plastic drums were also retrieved. On average, nearly 3,500 pounds of “junk” is removed from Elliott Bay through the program each year.

We thank Argosy Cruises for their hard work on behalf of our marine environment—they’re true ocean heroes. See you at the Aquarium for World Ocean Weekend! Click here for a schedule of activities.


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