New art exhibit opens at the Seattle Aquarium

Raven Skyriver

Now on exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium: blown glass sculpture by Tlingit artist Raven Skyriver and limited-edition prints by Aleut artist Thomas Stream. The works from both artists feature beautiful renditions of animals native to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Raven Skyriver, who grew up on Lopez Island, is passionate about the wildlife of the Puget Sound area. He’s known for creating works that are unusually large for blown glass. Using paddles, pads, shears and other hand tools, he and his small team form the bodies of the sculptures while the glass is hot. The pieces are cooled over a few days, and can be sandblasted, etched, acid-bathed or ground when fully cold.

Thomas Stream was born on the island of Kodiak in Alaska; his family moved to Seattle when he was a young boy. The animals featured in his prints are adorned with traditional Aleut headgear.

Click here for more details about the exhibit. Be sure to visit our Life on the Edge exhibit to see these beautiful, inspiring works of art! The exhibit will be up through the end of the summer, and all works on display are for sale. Raven Skyriver also has a solo exhibit, Descent, at Seattle’s Stonington Gallery now through July 31.


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