A new fish (and a milestone) for the Aquarium



A six-month-old spotted ratfish is the latest addition to our Puget Sound Fish exhibit. Writes Aquarium Biologist Katie Metz, “As far as we know, it’s the first spotted ratfish hatched in a captive setting that has survived more than 24 hours. This may be a significant milestone in the captive rearing community. Little is known about the early years of this species because they hatch 200-300 feet down. We see them in more shallow waters when diving locally, but the eggs are typically already opened and non-viable.”

She continues, “We are excited to learn more about this animal’s developmental stages so we can accurately replicate and interpret its natural history in captivity. Many skates and rays are reared in captivity and serve as educational ambassadors at institutions across the county with little to no impact on the environment. This study will help the Aquarium move closer to being able to display our local ratfish in a similar way.”


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