A new puffling for the Seattle Aquarium!

tufted puffin chick


For the second year in a row, we’re happy to announce the hatching of a new tufted puffin chick (or, to use what may be the cutest word ever, puffling). The chick hatched on Saturday, August 1 and, along with its parents, is being closely monitored by Aquarium biologists.

The puffling will remain out of view in its burrow for the time being, with both parents delivering fish for their offspring to eat over the next several weeks. If all continues to go well with the chick’s growth and development, visitors to the Aquarium may be able to see the adult-sized chick starting to fledge, or venture outside of the burrow, when it’s approximately 45 days old.

We’ll be sure to post more info and pictures as they become available. In the meantime, read our blog posts about the two pufflings that hatched last summer:

Fun fact: Tufted puffins can hold up to 20 small, slippery fish in their bills at a time! For cool facts, check out the tufted puffin fact sheet on our website.


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