A new tufted puffin chick at the Seattle Aquarium!

tufted puffin chick

We are delighted to welcome a new tufted puffin chick to the Seattle Aquarium! The chick hatched late last week and, along with its parents, is being closely monitored by Seattle Aquarium biologists. As of this writing, the chick appears to be healthy and receiving the appropriate level of parental care. While this is a critical time for any newly hatched chick, we remain cautiously optimistic.

The chick will remain out of view in its burrow, being cared for by its parents, until it fledges sometime in August. Stay tuned for more updates on this chick—and watch for news of an anticipated second chick, expected anytime!

Check out our fact sheet to learn more about the fabulous tufted puffins.

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