Northern Fur Seal Isaac Is a Dad!


On the night of July 11, 2012, the New England Aquarium in Boston, MA welcomed a new northern fur seal pup to the family. Ursula, a female fur seal residing at the aquarium gave birth to a healthy male pup and the father is our very own Isaac!




Isaac was born at the Seattle Aquarium in 2000 during a Chris Isaak concert—hence his name. In 2009 he was transferred to the New England Aquarium on a breeding loan. Commander moved to Seattle to join our northern fur seal population shortly after Isaac’s departure.


In 2011, Chris Isaak was invited to the New England Aquarium to meet Isaac the seal (at the time, Isaak did not know a seal was named after him). Here is a video of their meeting:

Well done Isaac! We look forward to sharing pictures and updates of Ursula's and Isaac's new pup with our Seattle Aquarium community. 

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