Northern fur sea

That’s a wrap on week 3 of at-home engagement! We hope you enjoyed learning about northern fur seals in the wild and in human care—including the Aquarium’s own irresistible Leu and Flaherty.

Did you miss any of the week’s activities? No worries—you can check them out now: get the backstory on “the boys” and learn some cool northern fur seal facts on our blog; discover some of the fascinating challenges of doing northern fur seal research in the middle of the Bering Sea; and watch a live diver experience from our Window on Washington Waters exhibit!

You can also go back and enjoy Puget Sound Fish Week or Sea Otter Week on your own schedule.


Time to test your knowledge with some fun fur seal trivia based on the content we shared this week. See how you do, then challenge your friends!

1. How much time in a year does a northern fur seal spend swimming in the open ocean?
A. Two months
B. Five months
C. Nine months
D. One year

2. True or false? Northern fur seals are considered walking seals—which means they, like sea lions, can stand, walk and climb.

3. A northern fur seal can dive up to how many feet below the surface while hunting?
A. 100 ft.
B. 400 ft.
C. 600 ft.
D. 900 ft.

4. True or false? Northern fur seals are commonly seen in Puget Sound.

5. True or false? Fur seals, like owls (and vampires!), hunt primarily at night.

6. What’s the most abundant marine mammal in Washington state?
A. Harbor seal
B. Northern fur seal
C. Northern sea otter
D. Swimming unicorn
E. Orca whale

7. Mature male northern fur seals can be up to how many times bigger than mature females?
A. 3
B. 6
C. 8
D. 19

8. Northern fur seals are pelagic, which means they spend most of their lives…
A. Hunting for food
B. Searching for mates
C. Napping
D. In the open ocean

9. There are currently how many northern fur seals in zoos and aquariums in the United States (including our own Leu and Flaherty)?
A. 5
B. 10
C. 22
D. 45

10. Northern fur seals are listed as what under the Marine Mammal Protection Act?
A. Hungry
B. Stable
C. Endangered
D. Depleted


Can’t get enough northern fur seals? Check out a video of former Aquarium resident Commander participating in his own oral hygiene, Leu and Flaherty “shaking it off,” or the boys doing some target training!






If you read our post about Leu’s close call with a stress ball, you understand even more about the importance of keeping our marine habitats free of pollution. Next week we’ll be focusing on caring for our planet and the marine environment during Earth Action Week—plus paying tribute to our amazing volunteers, who we’re missing so much while we’re closed to the public, during National Volunteer Week! We’ll post our weekly schedule on Sunday—and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for even more great content.

Trivia answers: 1. C     2. True     3. C     4. False     5. True     6. A     7. B     8. D     9. B     10. D



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