Octopus Week a hit with young visitor

"Jacob, meet Roberta. Roberta, meet Jacob." Photo taken by Janna Nichols.
"Jacob, meet Roberta. Roberta, meet Jacob." Photo taken by Janna Nichols.


The Seattle Aquarium’s annual Octopus Week event came to a close on February 24—but not before it made some wonderful memories for plenty of Aquarium visitors, including a 4-year-old boy named Jacob.

Jacob was in Washington to visit his grandmother Janna, who happens to be the outreach coordinator for the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF). Says Janna, “One of the things he had his little heart set on was seeing an octopus. So we headed to the Aquarium on Sunday afternoon.”

She continues, “It was crowded but very well staffed—they even had people bring critters around to you while you stood in line to get in.” Jacob was delighted to see an octopus, and also had a great time playing our octopus parachute game and dressing up in an octopus costume.

The highlight of his visit, though, came when he saw Aquarium Diver Roberta Brooks in the Window on Washington Waters exhibit. Says Janna, “Not content to sit near the back with his parents, he wriggled his way to a front-and-center spot…he was mesmerized!” After the show was over, Jacob waited patiently for a chance to say hello to Roberta in person. With her in the water and him on the “dry side,” they touched their hands to the glass and even did a little dance together. “It was the coolest ever,” says Janna.

Never seen a dive show at the Seattle Aquarium? We offer them every day at 10am, 11:30am and 12:15pm. Join us to make some memories of your own!

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