Orca update: Actions you can take to #RememberTahlequah

Dorsal fins of orca pod above the water
Photo: Center for Whale Research


We all love our local southern resident orcas, but they continue to struggle as they face ongoing strain on their local habitat and food supply. The Seattle Aquarium along with numerous local leaders, researchers, conservationists and partners from the Orca Salmon Alliance are advocating for greater protections for this iconic species and the salmon they depend on for food.

The population of our local orcas in the J, K, and L pods continues to decline with only 74 individuals remaining. This past summer we tragically lost three more orcas with the death of Crewser (L92), Tahlequah’s (J35’s) calf and Scarlet (J50)—all serving as a difficult reminder that we must come together as a community if we are going to change the fate of these amazing creatures.

Visitors often ask, “What can I do?” when it comes to saving our local orcas. The Seattle Aquarium aspires to turn knowledge, into inspiration and motivate people to take action. To make sure we all #RememberTahlequah, below are some simple ways you can help make a difference.

1. Participate in Puget Sound Orca Recovery Day on November 10. Join members of the Seattle Aquarium staff for an Orcas Love Raingardens event in Tacoma. Organized by regional conservation districts you can sign up and find additional events in your community.

2. Call your state legislators at 1-800-562-6000. Tell them that you expect bold actions that increase the amount of food for orcas, decrease toxic pollution, reduce vessel noise and harassment from vessels, and decrease the threat of oil spills. State lawmakers will be considering the recommendations of the Governor’s Orca Salmon Task Force this upcoming session so make sure your voice is heard!

3. Support Smart Catch farmers, businesses and local food providers who recognize the importance of having abundant seafood. You can also use the Seafood Watch website to help make sustainable choices. Every action adds up and we can all make a difference! If you would like to learn additional actions we can all take in the upcoming month please follow #RememberTahlequah on social media. The Aquarium, the Washington Environmental Council and other conservation partners will be sharing many ways that we can all do our part for our orcas.

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