Part 6: Seattle Aquarium assists with Hardy, the rescued sea otter

Guest post by Seattle Aquarium biologist Carol Jackson

Hardy is living up to his name! He is doing great and no longer requires formula from a bottle—he’s graduated to a diet of solid food including clams, squid and pollock fillets and now weighs 20.7 pounds (9.42 kgs). During my shift, his last meal of the day was at 7:30pm.

This was the last week of evening feeds for Hardy, and from this point forward he will eat during the day at the same times the adult sea otters. He gets several buckets of ice during the day and plenty of toys to keep him busy in between naps.

He had a blood test today to access his health. His coat looks great—he’s doing a great job with self-grooming. What a handsome animal!

We at the Seattle Aquarium really enjoy collaborating with other institutions toward common conservation goals—it’s so important to work together for continued learning opportunities and public engagement. Thank you, Vancouver Aquarium!

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