Porcupinefish: Fact or “Fishin’?”

A porcupinefish swimming underwater in a large habitat at the Seattle Aquarium.

With their bulbous bodies, large eyes and beak-like teeth, porcupinefish stand out from the crowd. But there’s more to these quirky fish than meets the eye. Test your ability to parse porcupinefish fact from “fishin.’”

Fact or fishin’?
When a porcupinefish is threatened or provoked, it can puff itself up to twice its size.
A porcupinefish gets its name from the round shape of a porcupine’s body and its shy but curious nature.
Porcupinefish is just another name for pufferfish.
A porcupinefish sometimes swims upside down. 
Porcupinefish (and other pufferfish) are an exotic delicacy. 
One way to protect porcupinefish—and all the animals in the ocean—is to skip your daily shower.

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