The Pup Receives Its First Vet Exam!


In this video Aniak’s pup receives its first vet exam and we find out that it’s a girl! Also, here are some interesting sea otter developmental milestones from our records:

  • Pups start to lose the natal fluff between 6-10 weeks and then begin to dive below the surface and swim to the bottom.
  • At 8 weeks they are usually diving, swimming and hauling out with ease.
  • By about 11 weeks they are pounding objects on their chest, biting open shell food, grooming and rolling over sideways.
  • By 14-20 weeks they can roll forward while grooming.
  • By 20-24 weeks they are grooming themselves just like an adult; at roughly 24 weeks they are weaned.

Come visit Aniak and her pup at the Seattle Aquarium!

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