Sayonara, single-use plastics! Hello, healthier ocean!

Sayonara, single-use plastics! Hello, healthier ocean!


Some sobering plastic facts:

  • Plastic packaging makes up 26 percent of the volume of all plastic produced worldwide—and nearly all of it is single-use.
  • Thirty-two percent of all plastic packaging ends up in the ocean.
  • Over 150 million tons of plastic are already in the ocean—with an additional eight million tons entering the ocean every single year.

Clearly, stemming the flow of single-use plastics into the ocean is vitally important. To do our part—and set an example for visitors—the Seattle Aquarium recently committed to a significant reduction of single-use plastics across our facility.

That resulted in some major changes in our café: no more plastic straws, no more soda cup lids, and no more plastic beverage bottles. Instead, we’re offering paper straws and a great variety of beverages packaged in aluminum, glass—and even cardboard! In the gift shop, we’ve moved away from selling water bottled in plastic; instead, customers can choose cardboard cartons of water or, even better, reusable water bottles that can be filled at stations located in the Aquarium.

This commitment is part of a bigger-picture initiative by aquariums around the country, teaming up through the Aquarium Conservation Partnership to combat the challenge of plastic pollution. What does it mean for us?

Spread the word

While recycling and beach cleanups are important, these actions don’t keep up with the amount of plastic entering the ocean—every single minute of every single day, a garbage-truck’s-worth of plastic goes into the ocean. We invite you to join us in avoiding single-use plastics, and encouraging friends and family to do the same. Together we can decrease the demand for plastics production and show that we’re serious about keeping our oceans clean.

Choose alternatives to single-use plastics

There are plenty of options: reusable straws, bags, cups and water bottles. By investing in these innovative solutions, you help foster a culture of less waste and protection of our marine areas.

Thank you for doing your part to protect Puget Sound and our one world ocean!

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