Introducing Sea Color, our new ocean-themed coloring app

Sea Color sea otter page.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Sea Color, a new, ocean-themed coloring app developed in collaboration with Tangible, an art and design studio based in Vancouver, B.C., with proceeds to benefit our mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment!

A free download available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android, Sea Color is an interactive, digital coloring book for tablets and phones with illustrations inspired by amazing the animals in our care, as well as the local and global marine environment.

Sea Color octopus page.

After downloading the app, you’ll get a free otter-themed coloring page and the opportunity to download additional coloring page bundles starting at $2.99. Using the app is easy and fun for all ages—just use a finger or stylus to select colors and brush sizes, fill and shade areas and add stickers, then save or share your masterpiece using the #SeattleAquarium hashtag.

Plus, purchases of coloring page bundles will help support our mission. It’s a win-win: fun for the entire family and an easy way to show your support for the Seattle Aquarium!

Download Sea Color today!

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