Sea fans school in support of Seattle Aquarium's Marshawn Pinch

Fish Bowl XLVIII is just a few days away! And today, sea fans formed a huge school to show their support for Marshawn Pinch and the Searocks at a special rally in Elliott Bay (view photo album). Although Pinch and the ‘Rocks couldn’t be at the rally themselves—they’re already off the coast of New Jersey preparing for Sunday’s big game—they were able to listen in on the action by holding seashells to their ears.

Pinch, clearly touched by the sea fan support, was inspired to come out of his shell and say a few words during a break in his scuttling. “It sounded like the whole intertidal zone was there,” he said, waving his antennae around excitedly. “Chanting, whooping…I thought they might set off another BeachQuake! The tidal wave of support they’ve given us knocks the wind right out of my sails sometimes and that’s the truth. Makes me proud to be the 12th crustacean.”

Growing more passionate, he said, “And you know how I’m gonna repay those sea fans for their loyalty? I’m going off the deep end! Watch out, Denver Barnacles—I can’t wait to get my claws into you! You’re in way over your heads…you’re gonna feel like fish out of water by the time me and the ‘Rocks are done with you. Beach Mode!”

And with that, he retreated into his shell.

Follow Marshawn Pinch on Facebook and Twitter for more updates as he and the Searocks prepare to take on the Denver Barnacles at Fish Bowl XLVIII! Interested in learning more about hermit crabs? Check out the Seattle Aquarium’s hermit crab fact sheet!

*No hermit crabs were harmed in the creation of this promotion.

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