Seattle Aquarium aims to go carbon neutral

Seattle Aquarium aims to go carbon neutral


In mid-January, through the planting of 82 trees, the Seattle Aquarium offset its carbon output via an innovative program launched in 2012 called Carbon Capturing Companies (or C3).

Developed by Forterra (formerly the Cascade Land Conservancy), the program recruits businesses large and small to commit to calculating, reducing and mitigating their carbon output. Founding partners in addition to the Aquarium include some of Seattle’s most well-known entities including Pearl Jam, Nordstrom, the Seattle Sounders FC, the Seattle Seahawks, the Seattle Mariners and Woodland Park Zoo.

To offset the partners’ carbon output, conifer trees native to the Pacific Northwest are planted in parks, right of way, transportation corridors and other natural areas. The Aquarium’s trees were planted at the West Duwamish Greenbelt. These trees, along with the others planted via the C3 program, will sequester thousands of tons of C02 over their lifetimes, and contribute to the health of our region’s waterways and overall marine environment.


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