Seattle Aquarium exhibit featured on Smithsonian website

Seattle Aquarium exhibit featured on Smithsonian website

In December of 2013, the Seattle Aquarium mounted an ethereally beautiful exhibit of fish photography by Dr. Adam P. Summers. Entitled “Cleared: the Art of Science,” the exhibit features photographs of fish that have been specially treated to make the stained skeletal tissues visible through the skin and flesh. Dr. Summers devised a special technique to create this mesmerizing effect. Each image is accompanied by a poem written by Dr. Summer’s collaborator, Sierra Nelson.

The exhibit and its striking images have proven to be popular with Aquarium visitors—and even the Smithsonian website has demonstrated an interest, recently publishing an article about the exhibit, Dr. Summers, and his process.

Dr. Summers is a professor at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs and was the scientific consultant on Pixar’s “Finding Nemo.” The research that led to this exhibit was funded by the National Science Foundation.

“Cleared” will be at the Seattle Aquarium, on the walls surrounding our Life on the Edge exhibit, through March 2014. Come enjoy the beautiful work of Dr. Summers and Sierra Nelson during your next visit with us!


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