Seattle Aquarium: Founding Partner of C3

The Seattle Aquarium is proud to be a founding partner with Pearl Jam and 12 other local businesses of Forterra's carbon mitigating program, called Carbon Capturing Companies (C3). The C3 Program provides an opportunity for businesses and individuals to partner with local non-profits and community service groups to plant native conifer trees in parks, right of ways, transportation corridors and natural areas in an effort to voluntarily reduce our impact on the climate.



The Aquarium's carbon footprint was calculated at 411 tons of carbon a year and will commit to plant trees with the intention of becoming carbon neutral in this coming year. The Aquarium also implements several "green practices" which include using solar panels to absorb the sun's energy to preheat water used by the café. This solar water heating system lowers the amount of natural gas needed by the café, reducing CO2 emissions by 2.5 tons annually. Solar water heating systems can be used in combination with electric and natural gas water heaters. Click on the following links for more information about the C3 Program the Seattle Aquarium's "green practices." 

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