Seattle Aquarium helps launch Google+ Connected Classrooms

Seattle Aquarium helps launch Google+ Connected Classrooms


On November 4, the Seattle Aquarium helped Google+ launch their new Connected Classrooms program by hosting a “Hangout on Air” devoted to the topic of underwater seasons. (“Hangout on Air” means that the session was webcast live.) The Aquarium was one of three institutions to host such events for four schools in different locations around the country.

Watch the recording of the broadcast below:


The Connected Classrooms program allows students to take “virtual field trips,” experiencing and learning about things they may never get to see in person. With school budget cuts impacting teachers’ ability to take students out of the classroom and on field trips, the timing for such an endeavor is perfect. Through the program, teachers can select and sign up for virtual field trips with participating institutions across the country. Because the sessions take place live, students can ask questions of the experts sharing information on the other side of the screen—resulting in a customized experience that can’t be duplicated by a recorded webcast.

The Aquarium is featured prominently in the promotion for the Connected Classrooms program, and we are excited about the opportunities to share the wonders of Puget Sound and our mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment with new audiences all around the country!


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