Seattle Aquarium hosts Long Live the Kings events

Seattle Aquarium hosts Long Live the Kings events


On October 17, the wild salmon conservation group Long Live the Kings (LLTK) held their annual benefit dinner in the Seattle Aquarium’s Puget Sound Hall, which was also the site of the launch event for their new international research project in August.

The Salish Sea Marine Survival Project, a joint effort between LLTK and Canada’s Pacific Salmon Foundation, aims to identify the leading causes of weak juvenile salmon and steelhead survival in the marine environment, which are currently not well understood.

This is a particularly timely effort—especially as it relates to Seattle’s central waterfront, where construction of the new seawall includes improvements that, it is hoped, will aid salmon migration. We look forward to supporting the efforts of LLTK and sharing the results of this important project with you and our visitors.

Hosting events such as these are important and visible moments for the Seattle Aquarium—and reinforcements that we are the region’s key forum for the dissemination of information related to marine conservation.

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