Seattle Aquarium hosts nighttime low-tide beach walks

On a chilly evening in late November, 23 Seattle Aquarium Beach Naturalist staff and volunteers met at South Alki/Constellation Park to welcome over 100 visitors to the first of this year’s Nighttime Low-Tide Beach Walk events.

The events, re-launched last year after a long hiatus, are designed to attract visitors to the beach at a time that’s not necessarily popular for beach-combing—but should be. “You see lots of different animals on the beach at night during the winter,” says Community Outreach Coordinator Janice Mathisen. “Some animals are beginning to lay eggs, which are more visible in the dark and damp. Plus, running around in the dark with a flashlight is just a lot of fun…it makes people feel like they’re kids again.”

She continues, “We saw a variety of nudibranchs, lots of huge chitons and many sea stars, including hundreds of tiny specimens that were less than an inch in diameter. Everyone—visitors, staff and volunteers—seemed to be delighted with the experience.”

What kinds of amazing animals will be visible at our next Nighttime Low-Tide Beach Walk? Join us at South Alki/Constellation Park on Sunday, December 29 from 7:30 to 9:30pm to find out! Visit our event page for details and directions.


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